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Our Products

Searles Lake contains one of the world’s richest deposits of naturally occurring minerals. Water under the lakebed mixes with minerals to form a brine that is ten times saltier than seawater. The chemically diverse brine cocktail under the lake holds a supply of minerals so vast that it would take centuries to extract.


The first saline mineral extracted from the Searles Valley Saline Mineral Resource was borax. John Searles was the first borax miner to haul product with 20-mule teams, starting in 1873. His borax haul route was 179 miles from Searles Valley to San Pedro.


Today, the Trona Railway Company LLC, is used to bring fuel and process chemicals to Searles Valley as well as delivering product to our customers. TRC transports two million tons of freight each year with its own fleet of locomotives and railcars.


The plant logisitcs team is part of the Searles Valley Minerals distribution network. Each year our expert team of order fulfillment supervisors, coordinators and material handling technicians manage and dispatch at least thirty thousand orders for shipment to domestic and export customers.


Loading and packaging facilities located at Argus, Trona and Westend select the appropriate lots for shipment. The orders vary from large bulk orders loaded into railcars to small mixed “grocery” orders of packaged goods picked up by customer trucks.